Baseball legend Babe Ruth wasn’t the sort to mince words. He once shocked First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt at an elegant White House dinner when he declined a serving of asparagus soup. “No thanks, asparagus makes my pee stink,” he announced.

babe_ruthNow, everyone laughs when they hear that story, but I can guarantee that there are plenty of people today who are just as afraid of asparagus as Babe Ruth was back then, and for just the same reason.

Maybe you’re one of those people. You like asparagus. You know it’s good for you. But you don’t like the smell of what happens afterward.

Here’s good news. Alas, it’s too late for Babe Ruth, but it’s not too late for you and me.

There’s a way to eat all the asparagus we want with no fear at all of impacting the atmosphere.

Eat it raw.

That’s all there is to it.

It’s delicious. It’s firm. It’s crispy. Dip it in dressing, or salsa, or hummus. Or just munch on it plain.

It metabolizes in the body differently than cooked asparagus, with no aromatic after-effects.

We can eat it anytime, anywhere. Even at a White House dinner, if we get the chance!

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